Sienna Naturals is Dermatologist Tested & Approved

Clean beauty innovation that’s safe for your hair, scalp, skin, and body is our top priority! 

Sienna Naturals is the first dermatologist-tested, approved, and responsibly sourced suite of products specifically designed for textured hair. We are big on pushing the clean beauty innovation envelope over here, it’s the Rooted Technology™ that powers our formulations. What’s even more important to us, is that this technology is safe for YOU. That’s why in addition to our ingredients passing a high bar for plant-based origins and safety, we also have protocols to dermatologist-tested every product we sell. 

What does it mean that Sienna Naturals is dermatologist-tested and approved? 

Being dermatologist tested means that all Sienna Naturals formulas undergo clinical trials conducted by an independent laboratory and overseen, evaluated, and approved by Board Certified Dermatologists and Registered Nurses. Each product is tested on more than 50 human subjects over the duration of several weeks before they are determined to be non-sensitizing and non-irritating to the skin. 

Skincare is typically dermatologist-tested, why should haircare be?

Your scalp is skin and the health of your scalp is crucial to growing your healthiest hair. Sienna Naturals formulas focus on scalp health as well as hair health. Our goal is to address your hair concerns at the root, and to do so our products must be safe on even the most sensitive scalps.