Rooted Technology explained with Hannah Diop, Founder, Sienna Naturals

Why approaching textured hair care through scalp health is at the heart of Sienna Naturals’s Philosophy. By Hannah Diop, Founder + CEO, Sienna Naturals 


What is Rooted Technology? 

At Sienna Naturals, we are on a mission to put textured hair at the center of clean beauty innovation. By creating effective formulas that meet the versatile needs of textured hair, we help our community reclaim their hair story without compromising the health of their scalp, hair, body and the environment.

Rooted Technology is Sienna Naturals’s proprietary approach to clean chemistry that focuses on repairing hair health from the root, starting with the scalp.

It is our clean technology promise to our textured hair community. The result is a clean haircare formula with performance superior to that of conventional haircare.

Our ingredients are backed by clinical studies that prove their effectiveness to address textured hair and scalp concerns. And because textured hair and scalps are more vulnerable, our final formulations are tested by dermatologists and safe for even the most sensitive scalps. 

Why is Sienna Naturals better for textured hair? 

We ensure every phase of our product development centers around the textured hair consumer, including: cosmetic chemistry, ingredient sourcing, regulatory compliance, product  testing and consumer research. Our philosophy is that every product must be made with plant-based ingredients, perform at the highest level, and be safe for textured hair, scalp, body and the environment. 

80% of Sienna Naturals customers say that our products have improved their hair and scalp health after one wash. 



How do Sienna Naturals products work? Rooted Technology in action. 

Every Sienna Naturals product goes towards addressing one of our most common textured hair concerns. Through Rooted Technology we've merged clinically proven clean ingredients with our proprietary process to improve the performance of those ingredients specifically for textured hair. Here are the results:

Gentle Cleansing: Proven to increase the moisture barrier in the skin for up to 12 hours, our H.A.P.I. Shampoo is sulfate free and cleans the hair clean gently through our superior non-stripping foaming ability.
Anti-inflammatory properties: An irritated scalp will become inflamed and an inflamed follicle could rupture and die. That’s why we incorporate ingredients known to decrease inflammation and help reduce unsightly flakes, such as copaiba resin and blue tansy oil. Found In: PLANT POWER
Strengthening from the root: Our proprietary 6-in-1 vegan protein complex blend binds to the inside of the hair’s cortex to provide superior damage recovery through: elasticity, softness, smoothness, shine and detangling. It also provides intense protection from UV-damage and heat. Found in: PLANT POWER, CURL ELIXIR 
Antioxidants: Baobab Oil contains 2x the antioxidant power of Argan oil and it’s balanced combination of low, medium and high fatty acids make it uniquely suited to be absorbed and provide light-weight protection to textured hair and scalp. Found in: H.A.P.I. SHAMPOO, PLANT POWER, UNTANGLED, DEW MAGIC, DAILY ELIXIR, LOCK & SEAL, CURL ELIXIR