Watch Rooted in Real, an original Sienna Naturals Film Starring Co-Founder Issa Rae

It’s here! We just launched “Rooted in Real,” our latest campaign starring our Co-Founder – Emmy-nominated actress, producer and entrepreneur Issa Rae. Our campaign features a series of videos that highlight the genuine and entertaining emotions those of us with textured hair experience on wash day. 

Known for her authentic representation of Black culture and refreshing storytelling, Issa Rae has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and continues to venture into different industries. Led by Co-Founder Hannah Diop, we provide consumers with high-performance solutions that redefine the “wash day” experience while addressing long-standing textured hair concerns, including dryness, growth, damage, loss of curl pattern and scalp sensitivity. 

"Since as far as I can remember, “wash day” has always been a struggle—a mix of frustration, anticipation, and let's be real, a bit of dread. But through it all, I learned something invaluable: the power of embracing our natural selves, our real selves. That's why I partnered with Hannah to create a solution-based haircare brand that understands the complexities of textured hair,” said Co-Founder Issa Rae. “The Rooted in Real” campaign isn't just about products; it's about a movement—one that champions authenticity, wellness and the beauty of diversity.”

We are committed to creating clean and effective haircare products that are free from harsh chemicals and toxins. Formulated with Rooted™ Technology, a proprietary approach to clean chemistry, all products in our line focus on repairing hair health from the root, starting with the scalp, from the H.A.P.I. Shampoo to the Dream Curl Mousse

“I was so frustrated by the lack of clean options and the difficulty I had washing my hair on my own from a young age as a competitive swimmer. That experience inspired the relentless focus on performance, our ingredient philosophy and the reason every product is clinically tested. I am excited to share this campaign that brings both levity and the challenging truths of our experiences. We see our customers and we get it. For real.” - Hannah Diop

Our campaign showcases the nuanced relationship between women and their haircare routines but also highlights the solution-based products made with real ingredients that produce real results for real dry hair. Our real approach to textured hair uses innovative science and plant-based ingredients. 

Share your own hair care journey and stitch @SiennaNaturals on Instagram and TikTok. Together, we can break barriers, challenge beauty standards, disrupt the haircare and wellness industry by centering textured hair in clean innovation, and reclaim wash day.

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