Celebrating our History | The Sienna Naturals Journey

Celebrating our History | The Sienna Naturals Journey
Your hair, your style, your choice. At Sienna Naturals, we’re on a mission to empower you with the products you need to make your hair and scalp the healthiest it has ever been. For too long, products have worked against your hair, not with it, and have failed to understand your specific hair needs (not to mention the use of harsh and toxic chemicals). We know your struggle, and that’s why Sienna Naturals was created. Learn more about our journey below!
S P R I N G  2 0 1 2
The Big Idea
After her own struggles with trying to find a clean formula on the market for her hair needs, and learning about higher rates of dermatitis and scalp irritation in Black and Brown communities, Hannah heads to the public library to dig deeper. Shocked and disappointed by options on the market, she becomes determined to find the best ingredients to address this issue head on.
F A L L  2 0 1 2
First Formulation v1.0 
Hannah’s kitchen in her New York City apartment becomes a laboratory for the first batch of Sienna Naturals ever created.
S U M M E R  2 0 1 3
Test and Learn and Test and Learn Yet Again
Thousands of hours of research, testing, and ingredient evaluations and hundreds of formula drafts later, the Sienna Naturals formulation was officially born.

F A L L  2 0 1 4
Two Babies, One Season
A pregnant Hannah spends her weekends working on her second baby, Sienna Naturals, selling at local markets in NY, NJ, and Atlanta.
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The Scalp and Hair Health Regimen
After 2+ years of grassroot in person sales and local growth, Hannah develops the most popular request from her customer - a complete scalp and hair regimen customers could adopt using the foundation of Sienna Natural’s clean and effective formulations.
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Sienna Naturals is invited to participate in the Target Accelerator Program. Read more about Hannah’s experience here!
W I N T E R  2 0 1 9 
Dream Partnership: Issa Rae!
After 8+ years of knowing Hannah and witnessing first-hand the authentic creation of the brand and its clean effective research-based formulations, Issa Rae joins the Sienna Naturals team to officially re-launch the company.
S P R I N G  2 0 2 0
Dream Partnership: Target!
Target signs on Sienna Naturals to launch in stores across the country Spring 2021.
S U M M E R  2 0 2 0
With the best partners behind her vision, Hannah grows the team to help bring the brand to life. Here’s a snapshot of a team call with Hoorae Productions and Sienna Naturals!
F A L L  2 0 2 0
Brand Re-Launch
Sienna Naturals officially launches with Issa Rae and the first products are shipped to customers. Every excited post and happy review bring life to the team!
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Retail Launch

Sienna Naturals launches at Target and signs on another wonderful retail partner, Nordstrom. Seeing Sienna Naturals on their shelves nationwide brings 8 years of hard work and efforts to life, reminding us that our struggle matters and can lead to some beautiful results. Sienna Naturals is now poised to deliver clean and effective hair care that actually works for textured hair, and can be found right in your neighborhood or delivered to your door. 



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We have some really incredible news that will be announced this month. Stay tuned!


We’re so happy you’re on this journey with us. This is just the beginning!

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