Sienna Naturals is all about clean care innovation for textured hair.

Repair and restore your hair with products that actually work for you.

Winner of Cosmo's Holy Grail Beauty Awards for Best Scalp Oil

“Sienna Naturals is driven by its belief that your best hair means your best scalp, too.”

“One of my favorite leave-in conditioners on the market right now.”

“After a few months with Sienna Naturals, my hair has never been more cooperative.”

“I had a dryness 911 emergency after using heat with a curl defining spray that dried my hair to (what I thought was no return). This mask saved my hair and I’m forever grateful!” - Taylor B.

“This hair & scalp oil saved my life. I moved to Texas, and for 9 months I changed so many shampoos because the water dries my scalp. This oil helps it hydrate my scalp, and now I don’t feel it itching. Highly recommend.” - Doina

“I am IN LOVE WITH YOUR PRODUCTS. They’re the best thing that’s ever happened to my hair. The decrease in the [amount] of hair I’m losingafter wash day is UNREAL!” - Arielle T.

“I’ve been struggling with my hair since it grew back after chemo. I tried sienna Naturals and I am THRILLED with the results after one wash! I didn’t think I’d be able to find clean products that worked on my hair.” - Trazanna

“As an older woman I tend to have more issues with hair loss, dryness and brittle hair. Now that I’ve found Sienna Naturals my hair is great!” - Stacy

“I've tried so many clean hair brands and have always had to change after one or two bottles. This is the first brand I've been able to use consistently. The only brand that keeps my hair hair healthy and HAPI.” - Amy

Blue Tansy


Baobab Oil

scalp fertilizer

Proprietary Complex

multi-benefit vegan repair

Slippery Elm Extract

silicone alternative

Shea Esters

increases slip

Marshmallow Extract

leaves hair silky soft

Damaged strand

Sienna Naturals is at the intersection of science and nature.

We’ve taken ancestral rituals, powerful ingredients from nature, and modernized them with our scientifically developed Rooted Technology™ leading to clinical results.

We are the first dermatologist-tested, responsibly sourced suite of products specifically designed for textured hair.

8 out of 10 customers saw results in just 1 wash

Repaired strand


By reimagining what textured haircare looks like with YOU at the center, we have created a new approach to clean chemistry. Our products repair hair health, starting at the root. We go further to dermatologist-test our formulas to ensure our products are safe and non-irritating. This is our clean technology promise to you, our community.

With gratitude,

Hannah Diop, Founder + CEO Sienna Naturals

Issa Rae Joins Sienna Naturals as Co-Owner

Issa Rae, the hair icon herself, has joined our team becoming the face and co-owner of Sienna Naturals. And we know what you’re thinking — there couldn't be a more perfect match!

Rooted Technology explained with Hannah Diop, Founder, Sienna Naturals

Why approaching textured hair care through scalp health is at the heart of Sienna Naturals’ philosophy and how we’ve created a process that’s changing clean care.