13 products
13 products
H.A.P.I. Hair = Happy ScalpH.A.P.I. Hair = Happy Scalp

The full Sienna Naturals suite of products.

Travel-friendly TLC with our best-sellers. 

Take your wash day on the go with our 3 best sellers.

Limited edition luxury silk scarves protect your hair.

Jungle Green Tortoiseshell Accessories.

Sienna Sampler SetSienna Sampler Set

Try a full Sienna wash day risk-free with our 4 best sellers and receive a complimentary $40 site credit.

Jungle Green Tortoiseshell Accessories.

Jungle Green Tortoiseshell Curl Claw.

Jungle Green Tortoiseshell Pocket Mirror.

Limited edition luxury silk scarf protects your hair & elevates your style.

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of our Silk Pillowcase. Designed to protect your hair and skin while you sleep, its pure silk composition adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom. 

Limited edition luxury silk scarves protect your hair.

Sienna Silk SetSienna Silk Set
$110.00 $152.00

Limited edition luxury silk set protects your hair and skin, while elevating your style.

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