Your Hair Horoscope đź”®

What's in store for your hair? We've consulted with the stars to get your hairoscope. You can thank us later.


Aries Hair Horoscope ARIES
You’ve been let down by every hair fad you’ve tried. I bet if we looked under your sink we’d find a conditioner graveyard. Hang in there, better hair days are on the horizon. Until then, call a friend who is a Cancer. 
Taurus Hair Horoscope TAURUS

Toro you love consistency and stability. Your hair routine has been the same since 2005. Never fear, your hair will be beautiful even if you try something new. Venus is moving into your orbit later this month. It probably doesn’t matter for your hair but we thought you should know!

Gemini Hair Horoscope GEMINI

If Googling was an Olympic sport you’d have all the golds plus a few bronzes. You’ve searched your way to hair perfection and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Keep it up! 

Cancer Hair Horoscope CANCER

Efforts to overcome your hair obstacles have you in a daze. Don’t stress. Make the most of it. Send yourself to the salon and take a friend with you. The answers to your hair headaches will arrive at your door soon.

Leo Hair Horoscope LEO

Baby you’re a lion and you’ve got the mane to match. Neither of you can be tamed and really would you want it any other way? You’re a natural leader at everything you do including taking care of your hair. Shine on. 

Virgo Hair Horoscope VIRGO

You’re a perfectionist that masks your emotions well but we know you, Virgo! You put in the time and effort to coif your mane to red carpet levels daily. We see you and applaud your beautiful locks. 

Libra Hair Horoscope LIBRA

Your life is orderly and beautiful including your luscious locks. Quarantine has you considering a big change to your hair routine. We suggest waiting until October to make any big changes. Better hair days are in your future. 

Scorpio Hair Horoscope SCORPIO

You’re fierce and have the hair to match. If looks could kill, your hair would be all you need. Keep blazing trails and having fabulous hair while you do it.

Sagittarius Hair Horoscope SAGITTARIUS

If we were giving awards for Ms. Congeniality you’d win it. You love to talk with friends and know good hair will get you everywhere which is great because no one is going anywhere in 2020.

Capricorn Hair Horoscope CAPRICORN

You like to be taken seriously and you seriously don’t believe in horoscopes, especially not ones about your hair. It’s cool... we’ll be here when you’re ready. 

Aquarius Hair Horoscope AQUARIUS

Your creative spirit manifests in your ever-changing hairstyles. You’ve spent hours getting creative with your do' even if it means no one else can get toilet time. #NotSorry. Good hair on Zoom is a must.​

Pisces Hair Horoscope PISCES

Always the creative one of the group, you’ve spent quarantine concocting your own hair care line while everyone else was learning to make bread. We applaud your creativity.