Treat Your Haircare Routine Like Your Skincare Routine

If there is one that we learned over the past two years, it's that skin care is essential to our health and wellness. Face masks resulting in clogged pores and breakouts, leaving us with new skin problems to solve. An effective skin care routine enables us to combat those mask issues, look and feel better, all while having healthier skin. The benefits of a hair care routine are no different – and let’s not forget, your scalp is skin. Much like your skin, your hair needs to be cleansed, moisturized, protected, and treated with care. Establishing (and keeping up with) a haircare routine is key, and so are the ingredients in your products! At Sienna Naturals, we began with the goal of creating skincare for your scalp – and we continue to do just that. 


What should be included in a hair care routine? 

Establishing an effective hair care routine may seem impossible, but don’t worry – let’s think about this just as we would a skincare routine and begin with the basics. 

Before we officially get started, let’s talk about the importance of finding products and ingredients that work best for your scalp and hair. We are all unique and face different challenges with our hair care, especially with textured hair.  Understanding things like your hair’s porosity or ability to retain moisture, texture, and density will help you better take care of your scalp and hair. However, there will always be some trial and error in finding the right products so be patient and give yourself grace as you go through the trial period. 

1 ● Cleanse: A clean foundation is vital to achieve any of your hair goals and healthy hair growth. Our H.A.P.I. Shampoo gently cleanses and renews with Hydrating, Alimentary Ph-balanced Ingredients (aka H.A.P.I.) to remove build-up without stripping your natural oils, leaving your hair and scalp hydrated after use! We recommend washing your hair weekly.
2 ● Antioxidant: After cleansing your hair, it’s always good to follow up with a replenishing conditioner to deliver rich moisture and hydration that eases the job of detangling. We treat our Untangled Conditioner like a multivitamin because of its antioxidant and nutrient-rich formula that gives hair lasting moisture.
3 ● Moisturize: Following up with a hydrating leave-in aids in moisturization, styling, and protecting the hair. Our Dew Magic Leave-in is in a league of its own because it attracts water and lipids into the strand and seals the outer cuticle to help hold moisture longer. It’s also super lightweight and buildable so feel free to test out different amounts and techniques to make it work for you.
4 ● Repair: Some of us may benefit from a treatment to help repair damage. Our Plant Power Vegan Repair Mask strengthens and increases hair strand elasticity in dry, brittle, heat-damaged, color treated, or chemically treated hair. Our plant-based protein complex  is milder than traditional proteins, creating an effective treatment even for those with protein-sensitive and low porosity hair. Your hair will feel stronger after use and will be better able to retain moisture
5 ● Hydrate: There is nothing more hydrating than water. It sounds obvious but water plays a crucial role in all steps of your hair care routine. Ample water use supports Sienna Naturals products to work even harder than they do, giving you the best results. Because of that we recommend a wash day at least once a week.
6 ● Consistency: Wash day can seem daunting but with the right products, knowing what your hair needs, and the mindset of self-love, it doesn't have to be! Find your cadence and a time that works best for you and stick with it. Sienna Naturals co-owner, Issa Rae, even curated a special playlist to get you hype on wash day. 


Not sure which products are right for you? Take our quiz! Happy washing.