Meet Our Most Anticipated Drop: Dream Curl Cream

We are so thrilled to be announcing the launch of the first and only dermatologist-tested and approved, plastic/PVP-free styling product on the market! You asked us to make a curl cream and we knew there was only one option - to make it the Sienna Naturals way. We’re so excited to be able to announce that after much testing, planning, and developing (and over 2 years in product development) - we finally have it! Introducing our Dream Curl Cream - for the dreamiest, bounciest, most nourished curls that last. 


Revolutionizing Traditional Stylers

In 2019 as we were finalizing Issa Rae to become co-owner, she said under one condition. That condition being we needed to create a curl cream but it had to be the best, different, dreamy. Dream Curl is free from PVP/VA co-polymers and silicones which are widely used to provide hold, but leave a nasty side effect of scalp irritation and build-up on curls that can block moisture and damage the hair and scalp. Instead, Dream Curl Cream utilizes a plant-based technology that delivers superior curl retention and humidity resistance.  


Plant-Based Technology 

Our curl defining Plant Cellulose Technology gives curls maximum definition, superior performance, and a multi-day hold that is crunch and cast free. Our plant-based Curl Memory Technology recovers and enhances your natural curl pattern, curling even the most stubborn of curls.



Like we mentioned, most curl creams are made with scalp-irritation PVP/VA copolymers and silicones that actually dry out the hair. We use key ingredients that improve shine, moisture and hair health including flaxseed, orange, and mango seed butter. We also utilize a one of kind moisture boosting Amino Acid Complex to hydrate curls and maximize definition. We know clean ingredients can work when paired with the right technology. 



How To Use

After washing with H.A.P.I. Shampoo and conditioning with Untangled or Plant Power, while hair is still wet, apply Dream Curl Cream evenly and thoroughly to hair from the ends to the roots. Style as usual using your fingers or favorite curl styling brush. Air dry or use a diffuser or hooded dryer.  


Key Benefits

  • Works on all curl types
  • Works wonders on stubborn curls and dead ends
  • Multi-day hold and maximum curl definition
  • Dermatologist tested for sensitive scalps.
  • Curl Memory Technology that recovers and enhances your natural curl pattern
  • Plant-based curl complex gives you maximum definition and hold for days
  • Hydrates curls and adds shine 
  • PVP & silicone-free to give you crunch-free curls and no build up


Curl cream will provide you with superior curl definition and hydration in just one step. We strongly believe that our results speak for themselves and if you are unsatisfied with your results - we always offer a money back guarantee. And like always, all of our products are clean, dermatologist-tested, sustainably sourced, and Black-woman created and owned!