Meet Our Newest Drop: Curl Elixir

The long-awaited return of Curl Elixir is finally over, making the full line of Sienna Naturals shoppable! Curl Elixir is our root and curl refresher and hair primer -- a true secret weapon you didn’t know your routine was missing until now.




Most dry shampoos are not textured hair friendly and sometimes plain ol’ water doesn’t cut it to bring life back into hair when you’re not quite ready to wash it. Curl Elixir is a lightweight conditioning spray that is a hydrating alternative to dry shampoo. This spray is perfect for use between wash days to refresh and hydrate your scalp and to revive curls by hydrating curls and reducing frizz. 


Why prime the hair? Priming with Curl Elixir before you go into styling protects the hair from drying stylers like gel, mousse, or hairspray. This nutrient-rich spray binds moisture to hair strands to hydrate curls and roots and aids in damage recovery, increasing elasticity, and strength.

How does it work for my porosity?

If you have low porosity: Our molecular blend of aloe vera and lightweight oils penetrate low porosity strands to deliver much-needed moisture and nutrients.

If you have high porosity: Our molecular blend of vegan baobab and green pea proteins boost shine and increase strength while grape seed oil protects fragile strands.

Curl Elixir is made for:

  • All textures
  • Protective styles
  • Twist Outs and Wash & Go styles
  • Relaxed
  • Color-treated hair

Key Benefits

  • Aids in damage recovery, increasing elasticity & strength 
  • Binds moisture to hair strands to hydrate curls & refresh your roots between wash days
  • Strengthens the hair follicle reducing cuticle damage 
  • Protects hair from drying stylers


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