RT18: Our Proprietary Active Ingredient Blend Transforming Haircare

It's no secret that at Sienna Naturals plant-based, scientifically-proven ingredients take center stage. For over a decade we've been committed to researching ingredients and developing formulas that harness the power of plants and actually work to address our top hair concerns. We refer to our formulation approach as Rooted Technology and  RT18™ is the proprietary ingredient blend behind our superior performance and award-winning wash day and styling essentials. 

What are Active Ingredients in Haircare?

Active ingredients, in the context of haircare, refer to the key ingredients in a product that individually, or when blended with other ingredients, provide specific benefits to the hair and scalp. These ingredients play a crucial role in addressing hair concerns and achieving desired style outcomes. Our plant-based formulas utilize a proprietary blend of 18 active ingredients that hydrate, reduce hair loss, and improve curl pattern, repair damage, and reduce frizz. These 18 ingredients, also known at RT18™, were each carefully chosen for its unique properties and contributions to overall hair health.


Benefits of RT18™

1. Hydration & Moisture Retention:  Dry hair and scalp is a top concern for textured hair. It results in breakage, faded color, and a lack of luster. RT18™ provides deep hydration, replenishing moisture in the hair and scalp to provide relief and revitalizing the hair strands from within.

  • 93.5% said "Sienna Naturals products improve the hydration of my hair"
  • 97.8% said "Sienna Naturals products soften and condition my hair"
  • 90.5% of consumers with a pre-existing scalp condition said “My scalp condition has improved since using Sienna Naturals”
  • 80.4% said “Sienna Naturals products reduce how much frizz I have”

2. Reduced Hair Loss, Shedding, and Breakage:  Hair loss can be distressing, and we understand the importance of addressing this issue at the root. With years of ongoing research, we've thoughtfully chosen to promote a healthy scalp to reduce hair loss, supporting overall hair growth. In addition, our formulas strengthen the hair strand, improve hair substantivity and  to combat breakage. 

  • 91.3% said “Sienna Naturals products help me grow healthier hair”
  • 92% said “Sienna Naturals products help to repair my dry hair”
  • 89.9% said “Sienna Naturals products strengthen and improve the elasticity in my hair and curls”
  • 87% said “Sienna Naturals products reduce shedding and hair breakage”

3. Improved Curl Pattern: Embracing your texture as it grows out of your scalp has never been easier with our superior plant-cellulose Curl Memory Technology that outperforms its synthetic, petroleum-based PVP/VA Copolymer, holistically enhancing your natural curl pattern. 

  • 97.8% said “My hair looks healthier after using Sienna Naturals products”
  • 79% said “Sienna Naturals products gives me more defined curls than other products I have tried”
  • 79% said “I see the difference that the Sienna Naturals’ Curl Memory Technology makes in my hair”


The Sienna Naturals commitment to creating the highest quality, plant-based haircare products sets us apart. RT18™ is a testament to our team's dedication to delivering powerful results. By incorporating these active ingredients into your haircare routine, you can transform your hair and unleash its true potential in a way that's safer for you and the environment.

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