4 Tips For Keeping Your Hair Hydrated

Let's talk hydration! Keeping the hair hydrated is an important key to keeping your hair healthy. Without it our hair can become dry and brittle which leads to damage and loss of nutrients. The starting point is moisturizing the hair, but what happens when you're using products that promote moisturization and the results seems to still be falling flat? We have four easy tips for keeping your hair hydrated hair!


4 Tips For Keeping Your Hair Hydrated

Trim Regularly
A cut will not only have your hair feeling and looking healthier, thicker, shinier, and decrease detangling, but will get rid of split ends that encourage breakage and moisture loss.
Avoid Heat
If you're battling dry hair, you may want to consider avoiding heat. High heat can dry out the hair and change the structure of the hair. This may result in breakage, loss of nutrients and protein which impacts how the hair takes in and holds moisture. Avoiding heat can be hard! Try keeping your heat tools at 365 F or less and use our strengthening Plant Power Repair Mask once a week.
Don't Touch
The more you touch your hair the more your natural oils are leaving your hair strands. This may not only makes your hair frizzy, but can make the hair strand more prone to breakage and unable to retain nutrients and moisture.
Sleep Smart
How you sleep affects your hair health and how long you're able to extend your look without having to do much to your hair the next day. Sleeping with a satin bonnet, scarf, or pillow gets rid of the friction caused by hair rubbing against less gentle fabrics. This reduces breakage and the overall lifespan of your current look.


Doing all that and still experiencing dry hair?

Porosity matters. Porosity is your hair’s ability to hold and maintain moisture as is defined by three levels: low, medium, and high. If you're not sure how porous your hair is, take the test below or read up on it here.

The Float Test
Drop a strand of hair that has shed into a glass of water.
Floats = low porosity
Sinks slowly = medium porosity 
Sinks immediately = high porosity 
Things to note about this test. You want to use clean hair because oil on the hair strand can cause it to float. You also want to use room temperature water because warm to hot water will cause the hair’s cuticles to open and too cold water will close the cuticles.
We asked our customers what they love about Sienna Naturals and the top response is that their hair feels more moisturized. Using our products and tips will set you on the right path to healthier hair. Not sure where to start? Take our Wash Day Ritual Quiz to get a custom recommendation.