Let’s Talk About Hair Porosity

If you have hair concerns about moisture, it’s important to understand your hair’s porosity. Porosity is your hair’s ability to hold and maintain moisture and is defined by three levels: low, medium, and high. Your hair porosity is a big deal when not only finding the best haircare products for you, but even the steps in which you apply them.

Let’s start with medium porosity hair before we breakdown the two opposite ends of the spectrum. Medium porosity means the hair is able to receive and retain the right amount of moisture into the hair cuticle.

Low porosity hair means the cuticles are sealed down, making it very hard for moisture to come in. But once the moisture makes its way in, it’s typically locked in.

Indicators of low porosity hair:

    • When showering your hair takes a while before it gets completely wet
    • Hair takes a very long time to dry
    • Products buildup on hair easily
    • Thick products make hair greasy
    • Hair is unable to take color easily 
    • Hair doesn’t need added protein

High porosity hair means the cuticles are torn, creating pores along the hair strand which allows moisture in but it's unable to retain the moisture. Torn cuticles typically mean the hair is damaged or overly processed. 

Indicators of high porosity hair:
    • When showering your hair gets saturated almost instantly
    • Hair dries very quickly
    • Thick products don’t seem to do much
    • Hair tangles easily (This happens because the torn cuticles are getting stuck to each other)
    • Frizzy hair 
    • Damaged or overly processed hair

* Protein-rich products are necessary to rebuild the damaged pores along the hair strand.

Moisture and retaining that moisture are the keys to healthy hair, which is why providing moisture to textured hair is one of our top priorities at Sienna Naturals. 

Still not sure about your hair’s porosity? Read our blog on how you can test it!