How To Care For High Porosity Hair

Knowing your hair’s porosity is important when it comes to finding which products work best for it. Porosity is your hair’s ability to hold and retain moisture and is defined by three levels: low, medium, and high. Click here to learn more about porosity. 


Tips for high porosity hair 

When your hair has high porosity it means that your cuticles are torn, More specifically pores are created along the hair strand which allows moisture in without being able to retain it.

To combat this, adding protein to highly porous hair is a must! Protein fills the pores on the hair's cuticle, helping rebuild, strengthen, and fight breakage. Try a vegan protein mask 1-4 times a month and use a lighter vegan protein product throughout the week when needed to refresh your hair.

This may be obvious, but conditioning every time you wash your hair is a must. Let your conditioner or deep conditioning treatments sit on your hair to penetrate the cuticle before you rinse. Reminder, rinse with cool water as it seals down the hair's cuticle, better locks in the product, and help combat frizz.


Picking products for high porosity hair

Products are not your enemy! Try applying an oil or serum on top of your leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioner when applied to your wet hair will replenish it and the oil will seal it in and serve as a protective layer.

  • Deep conditioning treatments
  • Rinse conditioners with cool water to seal in the moisture
  • Protein masks
  • Apply products to wet hair
  • Leave-in's
  • Seal in moisture with oil
  • Air dry hair, cool heat diffuse
  • Look for products with: Vegan Protein, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil


Nor sure what your hair's porosity is? Click here to learn of ways you can test it at home!