What Are The White Fragments Floating In Daily Elixir?

This winter season you may have noticed small white fragments in your Daily Elixir bottle or while shopping us at Target. Not to worry! Continue reading for the full breakdown.


What are the white fragments?

Those fragments are raw, unrefined coconut oil in its solid form.


Why is the coconut oil solidifying?

Raw unrefined coconut oil begins to solidify once it gets below 76˚. This becomes a lot more noticeable during the cold winter months.


Once solidified, is the product safe for me to use?

Absolutely! Shake and rattle the bottle, letting it warm up in your hand. The oil will begin to liquify and you're good to go.


Why we ♥︎ coconut oil:

Coconut oil is packed with Vitamin E and fatty acids, so it’s no surprise that it's found in many of our products. Its structure is able to penetrate the hair shaft, unlike other natural oils which are extremely important when it comes to receiving and maintaining moisture. Its anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties balance and nourish the scalp, all while maintaining moisture and protein retention.


What is Daily Elixir?

Daily Elixir is our hardworking hydrating scalp treatment that helps clear, refresh and soothe the scalp without dulling or weighing down your hair.⁠ Shop it here!