A Note From Hannah: Dream Curl Cream

Launching Dream Curl Cream has truly been a dream come true for the Sienna Naturals team. We took on a category that is dominated by synthetic ingredients and challenged ourselves to create something better using the power of plants. It has brought our whole team joy to see the positive reviews, emails, and messages coming across with images of your beautiful styles and love for this product. 

There has been some feedback, however, about the packaging relative to the fill amount and I personally want to address this issue and bring you into the fold as to how we landed here and what we are doing about it. One of our core values here at Sienna Naturals is honesty. It is important to us that we are open and transparent so that you know you can always trust where we are coming from. 

For Curl Cream, alongside the highest quality ingredients, it was important to us that we continue to use curbside recyclable materials. Given the disruptions to the global supply chain that almost all of us have been impacted by, we made the decision to move our packaging sourcing to a facility in Mexico. When it became clear that our supplier in Mexico would not be able to meet our deadline, we sourced yet another supplier, this time out of Canada. Given this was our first time with this supplier, and in an effort to prevent any product leaks during transportation, we decided to pick a slightly larger tube. We hoped that this packaging would not only be safe but would also minimize any product waste. We felt confident that we were making the best decision for our customers and our timeline. 

However, we have heard from some of you that this extra room in tubes makes it look like our product does not appear full, and is causing concern. We genuinely appreciate this feedback - we hear you and we recognize your frustration. 

While we continue to be confident about the quality of our product and are thrilled at the reception of Dream Curl Cream, we are sorry we disappointed some of you in the overall experience and packaging. We are currently sourcing new packaging but wanted to make sure to address this with you, our valued community. There is a lot of testing that goes into making our products and we will continue to work on the packaging until we get it right for you.

Thank you for your partnership, loyalty, and your feedback! We absolutely love hearing from you. 

With love and gratitude,


Founder, CEO