Textured Hair

Welcome to Sienna Naturals: Beauty, uncompromised!

- what keeps us up at night:

We're on a mission to advance natural beauty  - starting with hair.  When your hair looks good, you feel good, but when your hair is healthy, you glow. Thinking about that potentially healthy, radiant, beautiful you is what motivates everything we do.


You've heard the motto: what goes in, must come out. It's the way we think of haircare. Use simple and effective ingredients to get simple and effective products that build your haircare routine - products you can't live without.


We all love a good 'do, but sometimes styling is a quick fix with long-term consequences. Heat, drying gels, combing, brushing, heavy ingredients, and synthetic ingredients – all of these styling methods cause long term damage to textured hair. Heat damage can alter protein bonds, friction from combing and brushing lift the outer cuticle, and build-up blocks moisture, lightweight lipids and proteins from replenishing the cortex. 

- haircare is the new skincare

If all that science is a snooze fest, don't worry! That's why we've created rituals. Just like the specific steps of your skincare regimen, we have four-step rituals that are a simple and easy way to add into your routine what your hair needs most to stay healthy. We'll just keep geeking out on the science while you get superior results.