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    Sienna Naturals was born from personal experience
    My mother’s way of life was inspired by nature. Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle led her to use natural products on herself and her daughters. However, many of the products available left my sister and I with dry skin and hair.
    Now a mother myself, I realize the problem of finding effective natural care for textured hair and dry skin has not gone away. I started Sienna Naturals to honor my mother’s legacy and to create a truly effective line of products. Sienna Naturals harnesses nature’s most powerful ingredients to amplify the natural beauty of all women.
    In support of the communities that grow our ingredients, we source our Baobab Oil and Shea Butter from women’s cooperatives and organizations that pay fair wages.
    Thank you for choosing Sienna Naturals. Beauty uncompromised. ™
    - HANNAH DIOP, Founder