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Scalp Clearing Massager: Gently unclog pores, remove flakes, improve circulation and relieve tension all while promoting hair growth.

Oversized Microfiber TowelThis super soft microfiber towel was designed to gently absorb excess water without ruining your curls or next style. Made of 100% microfiber, this towel prevents breakage and damage when drying your hair. 3X the size of a standard microfiber towel to fit all your hair, 41.5 x 19.

Silk Scrunchies in Jungle Green (2 pk): Extra stretchy to hold hair big and small, leaving hair dent free. Luxurious silk ensures zero snags or breakage along the strand. Gently hand-wash in cold water as needed. One size fits all. Made of 16 momme mulberry silk, 3.94" to 7.87" when fully stretched.


  • All textures
  • For use on both wet and dry hair


  • Reduces flakes and removes build up
  • Unclogs scalp pores to promote growth 
  • Increases circulation which may reduce shedding for some hair types
  • Leaves you feeling relaxed 
  • Reduce frizz
  • Prevents breakage
Hair Prep Gift Set